Own Your Own Company? Hire A Worker's Compensation Attorney Now

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Own Your Own Company? Hire A Worker's Compensation Attorney Now

6 November 2017
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If you own a business, you never know if one of your employees will get injured. If this does happen, there are steps you must take immediately to prevent the employee from suing your company. One way to learn about everything is to hire a worker's compensation attorney now before anything does happen. Already having an attorney will make things go much easier and smoother for you as you will not have to take the time to find a good attorney. Below are some things the worker's compensation attorney will do now to help you.

Go Over the Worker's Compensation Process

The worker's compensation attorney will go over the entire process of a worker's compensation claim with you. They will bring along the paperwork the employee and you must fill out if the employees become injured. The worker's compensation attorney will also tell you what you need to say to your employee. Saying the wrong thing could hurt you later in your case.

As a company, you must pay premiums to an insurance company to cover injuries like this. If an employee is injured your insurance company will investigate the claim so they know what is owed to your employee. They will then write your employee a check.

If the employee does not agree with the amount of the check they may hire a lawyer of their own and sue you. This is why you should have a worker's compensation attorney ready to call. In most cases, an insurance company will either make an offer to the employee or fight them if their claim is not valid.

Suggest You Hire a Worker's Compensation Claims Management Company

Another thing that can greatly benefit your company is hiring a worker's compensation claims management company. They often work alongside a worker's compensation attorney. It can take up a lot of your time to deal with claims and this can result in loss of revenue. Instead, this management company will take over everything for you.

Not only will they handle your worker's compensation claims they will audit your company to look for areas that have potential problems. For example, there may be areas that are a high risk for accidents that you may not be aware of.  This allows you to make changes you need.

The claims management company can also set up a safety training program for you and your employees. This will teach them how to be safe while they are doing their jobs each day. Have each employee sign a contractor after the training so you have proof that they took it.

Talk with your worker's compensation attorney about this information, as well as other information you should know. To learn more, contact a company like Brown & Brown of Prescott