Family Vacation End In Chaos? What To Do When Your Home Is Destroyed By Vandals

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Family Vacation End In Chaos? What To Do When Your Home Is Destroyed By Vandals

7 May 2018
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If you've come home from vacation to find that vandals have damaged your home, you'll need to act fast. Time is of the essence when trying to get your home repaired after vandalism. Here are four important steps you'll need to take to recover from the damage.

File a Police Report

When it comes to vandalism, the first thing you need to do is file a police report. Filing a police report will notify local law enforcement so that they can work to prevent it from happening to anyone else. Not only that, but it will give law enforcement the information they need to track down the culprits. Finally, your insurance company is going to need the detailed police report when they start working on your claim. Failing to file a police report could undermine your ability to get the damages covered by your insurance company.

Contact the Insurance Company Immediately

Once you've filed a police report, you'll need to contact your insurance company. They'll arrange to send an insurance adjuster out to your house. The adjuster will assess the damage and begin the actual process of recovery for you. It's important that you be there when the adjuster comes out to assess the damage. An extra pair of eyes will ensure that the adjuster doesn't miss anything. You'll also want to notify your lender as soon as possible. This is particularly true if the vandalism has rendered your home uninhabitable. The mortgage company will want to work with the insurance company to make sure that their interest in the house is protected.

Hire Your Own Adjuster

If you want to make sure that your claim is processed properly, and that your home is restored to pre-vandalism condition, you'll need to hire your own adjuster. The insurance adjuster will be working for the insurance company, which means they'll be working to reduce the cost of the repairs. However, the public adjuster will be working for you, which means they'll be working to ensure that you recover from your losses.

Reach Out for Support

If vandalism has rendered your home uninhabitable, it might take the insurance company a few days to get help out to you. However, there are things that you'll need, including housing and food. Be sure to reach out for support from community outreach programs, such as the Red Cross. These organizations can help you out with housing, clothing, and food. Once the insurance company has begun processing your claim, they can step in and take over with the assistance.

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