Insurance 101: Tips and Tricks to Choosing the Right Policy

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Insurance 101: Tips and Tricks to Choosing the Right Policy

Since my parents always added me to their auto insurance policy when I was a teenager, I never learned how to make educated insurance policy decisions. When I moved out of my parents house at the age of 25 and it was time to get my own policy, I was overwhelmed with all of the decisions I had to make. Thankfully, my parents were eager to teach me what each insurance coverage option meant and what the best choices were for me. I learned a lot about insurance during this experience, and I am eager to share what I learned with others on my new blog. I also plan to include many tips on choosing health and homeowners insurance policies, so check back often if you want to learn a little more about insurance!


3 Things You Need To Understand About How Your Homeowners Insurance Works

22 March 2018
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If you recently purchased a home, and thus got your first homeowner's insurance policy, it is important that you understand how your homeowner's insurance policy works. You need to understand how your homeowner's insurance policy works so that you can take full advantage of your policy.  Make Sure that You Keep Up with Maintenance You need to make sure that you keep up with maintenance on your home. Homeowner's insurance does not want to pay to help you maintain your home, they want to pay to help take care of accidents around your home. Read More …

2 Smart Ways To Ensure That Your Home Insurance Premium Is Reasonable

11 February 2018
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If you just purchased a new home, you are going to want to purchase home insurance to protect the investment that you just made. When you are already paying a mortgage, you don't want to be paying an overwhelming high home insurance premium as well. Make sure that your home is secure and install a material that will make your home stronger. #1 Make Sure Your Home is Secure One way to lower your deductible is by taking steps to make sure that your home is secure. Read More …

3 Tips For Insuring A Brand New Car

9 January 2018
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Trading in an older vehicle for a brand new car is exciting but expensive. Your new car not only costs more than an older model but insuring it is most likely more expensive as well. This makes sense because if something happens to the new car, your insurance company will have to pay more to have it fixed or repaired. Here area few tips for getting the best deal and coverage when insuring your brand new vehicle: Read More …

Things To Do To Help Keep Down The Cost Of Business Insurance

15 November 2017
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As a business owner, it is very important to make sure that you have the best possible business insurance in place. This way, you are not putting your business at risk, as you would if you failed to get proper insurance. However, you might not want to worry about spending an arm and a leg on the coverage, either. This is where the following tips come in handy. Ask If The Per-Claim Deductible Can Be Reduced Read More …

4 Reasons To Team Up With One Insurance Company For Your Insurance Needs

10 November 2017
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Insurance is an important form of protection that all individuals should invest in. You should have insurance for yourself, your home, car, and home, just to name a few. If you're looking for better coverage or if you have questions about what type of insurance is best for you, it's a good idea to contact a local insurance company to learn more. They can help in many ways and can make you more comfortable and informed about your insurance purchases. Read More …