7 Important Issues To Discuss With Your Auto Insurance Agent

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7 Important Issues To Discuss With Your Auto Insurance Agent

19 January 2023
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Your auto insurance agent can provide you with plenty of great information you need to make the right decisions and plans regarding your policy. The following are seven important issues that you definitely should discuss with your auto insurance agent

Safety features that your vehicle has

Your auto insurance agent should know about any special safety features that your vehicle offers. That's because safety features can often bring down the costs of auto insurance premiums.

A safer vehicle is less likely to get in accidents. That's why most auto insurance providers will give discounts on auto insurance if a vehicle is equipped with safety features. 

The length of your auto insurance policy

In most cases, auto insurance policies are offered as either six-month policies or 12-month policies. You should discuss your auto insurance policy length with your auto insurance agent if you want to make it longer or shorter. 

Choosing a six-month policy could be a great idea if you might want to make changes to your policy once in a while. However, a 12-month policy is going to be more convenient if you're probably not going to want to change any details on your policy in the near future. 

Other policies you buy from the same provider

Your auto insurance agent should know if you also buy a home or life insurance policy from the same company. Insurance providers often give bundling discounts to customers who buy multiple policies from them. 

Payments for your policy

You should be able to pay for your policy upfront or on a month-to-month basis. You also might have the option of getting automatic payments charged to your account. Consider these payment options to determine the most convenient option. 

Deductible options

The deductible amount on your policy is an important detail to consider. Insurance providers usually give a few deductible amount options to choose from. If you choose a higher deductible amount, you'll usually be able to save a little on the premiums that you have to pay each month. 

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is a great feature that many insurance providers offer. With roadside assistance, you can get a tow truck to pick up your vehicle after an accident or a breakdown. Ask if your insurance provider offers this feature, and make sure you have it added to your policy if it's offered. 

Drivers and vehicles on your policy

Your auto insurance agent should be aware of every vehicle you need to insure through your policy. It's also important to make sure that your auto insurance agent knows about additional drivers who will be driving your vehicles regularly and needing coverage through your policy.