Three Reasons To Increase Car Insurance Coverage If You Work At An Airport

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Three Reasons To Increase Car Insurance Coverage If You Work At An Airport

19 January 2022
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If you work at an airport, each time you are on the clock you will be helping others get to their final destination. Whether you are a gate agent, flight attendant, or cockpit crew, your final destination at the end of your day or end of your assignment will be your home. Unlike the others that you helped onto planes; you may need to drive to get to your final destination at the end of the day. If you work at an airport, here are three reasons why you may want to beef up your auto insurance in particular. 

Most employee parking is open lots

Most large airports will have large, open lots as their employee parking lots. Many workers will drive throughout these lots throughout the day and night at either the start or end of their shifts. Due to the high traffic and a completely open, large lot, your car could be dinged or dented by a person rushing by or parking too close. Since lots are open, it can be harder to determine the culprit of the accident. To cover yourself, make sure that you are covered by accidents from other drivers within your car insurance policy. 

Lots can be easy to get into

Some employee parking lots are open spaces that are easy to get into. This makes it simpler for flight crews to walk or ride on a communal shuttle to get to the employee parking lot. If the lots are opened and there are no cameras, this is the perfect place for smash and grabs or other forms of car theft. Cover yourself from the theft of your vehicle or the property that you keep inside of your vehicle. If you keep any sort of work items inside of your car, be sure to ask your car insurance company if your items can have special coverage so that you do not have to reimburse your company for damaged work items out of pocket. 

The area is more traffic laden

Most airports, especially major airports, will have heavy traffic throughout the day. Large international airports will accommodate passengers for over 1,000 flights per day. With this much traffic coming in and out of airports, the possibility of someone rushing and causing a fender bender is higher than a suburban parking lot. To make sure that you do not have to work extra airport hours to cover any accidents, get higher insurance collision coverage to cover your car.