3 Ways To Save On Car Insurance After A DUI

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3 Ways To Save On Car Insurance After A DUI

20 July 2023
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Did you recently get a DUI? If so, this is probably a stressful time. You may face fines, a license suspension, and even a jail sentence. Another long-term consequence is an increase in your car insurance premiums. Any traffic violation often increases premiums. However, a DUI is a significant violation, so you could see a large premium increase after your conviction. The good news is there are steps you can take to reduce your premiums and save some money. Below are a few tips to consider for your car insurance.

Complete an Alcohol Counseling Course

As part of your sentence, you may be required to take an alcohol counseling course. Many states require this as an alternative to jail. Even if you're not required to take a counseling program, it could be wise to do so. Some insurance companies will reduce the premium increase upon completion of the course. Additionally, you could take a defensive driving course, which may reduce your premium amount. Going to alcohol counseling may be an uncomfortable experience, and you may feel it's unnecessary. However, it can greatly reduce your premiums.

Install a Telematics Device

Telematics are the latest innovation in the car insurance industry, and they could save you a lot of money after your DUI. A telematics device is installed in your car. It reports data about your driving back to the insurer. For instance, the device may track your speed, braking time, location, and more. All this data creates an overall picture of your safety as a driver. The better the data is, the safer you are as a driver. After enough data is collected, the insurance company may reduce your premiums. Telematics won't create immediate savings, but you could save significant money after a long period of safe driving.

Work With an Independent Agent

There are two types of insurance agents: independent and captive. Captive agents only work with one insurance company. That means they can only get you coverage through that one provider. Independent agents work with many insurance companies. They can shop your coverage to multiple companies to find the best price and package for you. Some insurance companies are more tolerant of DUIs than others, especially if it's the only DUI on your record. It's possible that you could get a better rate by switching to a different insurer. Your local car insurance agent can help you find the right carrier for your needs.

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