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Insurance 101: Tips and Tricks to Choosing the Right Policy

Since my parents always added me to their auto insurance policy when I was a teenager, I never learned how to make educated insurance policy decisions. When I moved out of my parents house at the age of 25 and it was time to get my own policy, I was overwhelmed with all of the decisions I had to make. Thankfully, my parents were eager to teach me what each insurance coverage option meant and what the best choices were for me. I learned a lot about insurance during this experience, and I am eager to share what I learned with others on my new blog. I also plan to include many tips on choosing health and homeowners insurance policies, so check back often if you want to learn a little more about insurance!


3 Pieces of Advice for Small Business Owners Looking for a Worker’s Compensation Policy

30 September 2020
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If you run a small business and you have employees, you need to carry worker's compensation insurance. When it comes to shopping for a policy, you want to make sure you get the best coverage that meets your needs and local requirements. Here are some tips for addressing this need.  #1: Understand Your State's Insurance Requirements Before you start shopping insurance agencies for the best policy, you need to make sure you understand your state's requirements and regulations regarding workers' compensation coverage. Read More …

Debunking 4 Common Myths About Commercial Automobile Insurance

28 August 2020
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

If your business has its own fleet of vehicles (or even one commercial vehicle that you use for business purposes), there's a good chance you need commercial automobile insurance coverage. Specifically, this type of insurance is designed to protect your business and its employees in the event of an accident (or other damage, such as vandalism or theft). Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths floating around about this type of coverage. Read More …

Ways Business Insurance Differs From Personal Insurance

29 July 2020
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Business insurance policies are specifically designed to insure businesses and other organizations, and these policies are distinct from personal policies that insure individuals. Here are some of the ways that business insurance policies differ from personal policies. Higher Deductibles and Limits Every insurance policy has deductibles and limits that determine how much that policy will pay on a covered claim. Deductibles dictate what a policyholder themselves must pay before the policy begins paying on a claim. Read More …

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Auto Insurance

26 June 2020
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Shopping for a car insurance policy? If so, then you want to find the best deal on the coverage you need. But with so many auto insurance carriers out there, how can you know which company and policy are right for you? As you explore your options, there are a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid that could cost you in the long run. By steering clear of these mistakes, you'll be on your way to choosing the right policy in no time. Read More …

How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance Policy Available

18 March 2020
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Auto insurance is a need for all drivers, but there are ways to cut the costs for it. If you want cheap car insurance, you should start looking for a policy that provides the lowest rates possible. If you are not sure how to do this, follow these tips as they can help you get the lowest prices possible. Get Minimal Coverage  There is a massive difference in costs based on the coverage types you get. Read More …